24 June 2015

Zaky Mallah on Q&A

Excuse me. I’m going to have a little rant.
Everyone has the right to speak but that doesn’t mean everyone has the right to be heard so don’t feel at all obliged to read further – even for clinical psychiatric reasons.

The Prime Minister’s response to Mallah’s appearance on Q&A on Monday was a brain storm dreamed up by his press office – pure confected outrage designed to provoke illogical hysteria. And it did so very successfully.

Abbott suggested that views contrary to his (god help us) opinion  are outrageous and should not be aired by the ABC. The god-fearing Murdoch ‘news’ papers fell into line copying and pasting the PMO’s press releases - such is the quality of their 'journalism'.

He implied that Australians cannot process the arguments involved in his so-called war on terror (when the poor goose meant terrorism) without help.

He implied that we, poor dumb fools, will blindly accept a comment on TV, that it could put us in mortal danger.

I resent the implication that I, and millions of other Australians cannot think. I think and I think Abbott’s statement was humbug. It was pure cant - hypocritical and sanctimonious talk, (ie typically of a moral, religious, or political nature). I think too that the man is an A-grade, viscious bully but that’s another matter.

What’s more his tirade against Our Aunty was delivered in front of ten flags – a record for patriotism – jingoism more like it. It’s particularly apt here that, as Samuel Johnson said, ‘patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel’, even visual patriotism.

On Q&A Mallah responded to that intellectual luminary – so luminous he should be on the front bench - Liberal MP Steve Ciobo who told Mallah he would like to see him expelled from Australia because he’d been charged with terrorism offences and charged with threatening to kill a Commonwealth officer. The fact that he’d been acquitted by a jury was irevvelant to Ciobo. The fact that he’d threatened to kill an ASIO officer whose heirs and successors now buy him cappuccinos to chat over had escaped Ciobo. He was out to beat his hairy chest like any other self-respecting gorilla*. That – the comment, not the hairy chest – prompted Mallah to say that the Libs had justified many Australian Muslims to go to Syria to fight for ISIL. Malla’s reply was as silly as Ciobo’s and he should have left Ciobo hoist there on his own petard.

Amid the storm of faeces came this small comment in that dreadful leftist rag, New Matilda:

But I’m interested in this, where does that charge of threatening to kill a Commonwealth officer brought against Mallah leave Allan Jones promoting the death of the Prime Minister on 2GB a few years back? No frothing at the mouth from Abbott then. In fact he stood in front of a sign calling Ms Gillard Bob Brown’s bitch – text over the fires of hell? – along with those exemplars of sweetness and light, Mss Bishop and Mirabella.

There he is, now our Prime Minister, god help us (whomever she may be)

 Who will rid us of this troublesome (former trainee) priest and all who sail in him?

So, you expected a rant to be organised and well-written?
Gimme a break!

*Melbourne Zoo's silverback of the 1980s. Rigo, was an expert in two skills: beating his chest and  throwing gorilla shit. Hmmmm ...

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