12 June 2015

An extraordinary proposal to give a minister the power to strip an Australian of their sole citizenship.

Hon A. J. Abbott MP
Member for Warringah,
Hon P. C. Dutton MP
Member for Dickson

Mr Abbott and Mr Dutton,

The news report:
Senator Brandis, in opposing the plan, told the cabinet meeting: "I am the Attorney-General. It is my job to stand for the rule of law."
Mr Joyce put to the meeting: "Isn't that what we have courts for?"

The comment:

source: www.theguardian.comcommentisfree2015jun05the-leaks-the-lies-the-whole-nation-is-doing-its-nut

And my considered response:
The proposal of Abbott and Dutton to abrogate the established legal process for base political gain are contemptible.
In doing so they have brought the office of Prime Minister and the office of Minister for Immigration and Border Protection – and themselves – into contempt.


Stewart Jackel

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cc:        Hon K. J. Thomson MP

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