31 October 2016

It's time - for marriage equality

GetUp. Support it/them!

Peter Kahil,
Member for Wills

Hi Peter,

Let me add my congratulations to you and the Federal ALP in deciding to vote against the marrige equaity plebiscite.

I see no reason why anyone apart from  the federal Liberal Party caucus, who created the plebiscite problem, should be expected to fix it.
Howard changed the Act by a simple parliamentary procedure, Turnbull and the despicable, hypocritical Liberal Party ‘delcons’ barking at his heels can unchange it with a free parliamentary vote.
And I. by the way, expect you to vote for marriage equality.
I married whom I wanted to; Ian, my widowed mate is about to marry whom he wants to. Jason, my gay mate and Sue, my lesbian friend should be able to marry the person they love.

Best regards

11 October 2016

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