30 March 2018

Turnbull's un-Australian Liberal Party: government: cruel and hypocritical

The federal government has outlined its plan to cut income support from up to 7,000 asylum seekers living in Australia from June, in a move lawyers and refugee support groups say could leave people destitute, hungry and at increased risk of self-harm.
Some of the asylum seekers likely to be affected have been in the country more than five years waiting for the government to make a decision on their application for protection. The Department of Home Affairs has also specifically said asylum seekers studying full-time will have their support cut.
The Guardian Australia 30 March 2018

Barnaby Joyce and five former parliamentarians disqualified by section 44 of the constitution have had their debts waived by the finance minister.
Mathias Cormann has waived the debts of the member for New England and the four senators ruled ineligible in October by the high court due to dual citizenship – the Greens’ Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters, the former Nationals deputy leader Fiona Nash and One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts.
Guardian Australia 30 March 2018
This is bastardry of the highest order.
I'm ashamed to be an Australian.

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