08 February 2016


State Library of Victoria
8 February 2016
LetThemStay rally

I was (and still am) angry enough about the Australian Government's (= Turnbull / Liberal Party) policy on asylum seekers and the Australian Labor Party’s scramble to “me too” the lock-'em-up policy to dig out my First Dog tee shirt and tram it to the State Library for Get Up’s rally.

Old and leftie he may be, but he votes.

Old farts don’t demos.
They don’t do they?

Old farts and young farts were angry and chanted 'Let them stay'. They (nearly all) vote.

Old farts have a few advantages, to whit,
  • they have fewer years left than they have used and they want to use them well
  • they don’t give a shit what people think of them
  • they have well-oiled political hypocrisy detectors
  • they vote.

Delicious irony: Sir Redmond Barry - of Ned Kelly fame, now immobile in bronze - presides over a protest rally. Like Mr Turnbull, he was significantly outnumbered.

I cannot – will not – vote for a party that will return the 267 refugees presently in Australia back to Nauru.
I cannot – will not – vote for a party that incarcerates refugees in the hell-holes we pay for on Nauru and Manus Island.
I cannot – will not – vote for a party that institutionalises cruel and inhumane treatment of innocent people.

Not in my name Mr Turnbull; not with my money.

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