01 April 2012

Victorian Opera: Albert Herring

Albert Herring (Benjamin Britten)
Victorian  Opera 
Saturday 23 June 2012

AH had a well-selected, evenly-matched cast – and that includes the kids – with superb voices. They produced wonderful depth of tone, great articulation and spine-tingling ensemble work, and that included the numbingly difficult stuff in the last scene. The direction was sensible and unobtrusive - and not clever -  so that the cast produced plausible acting. The innovative set painted the essentials of the scene and it worked. It was matched by equally clever lighting. And the associate artist, the “pit orchestra” (Orchestra Victoria) was sensitively directed by Tom Wood. Its playing was world class, as it its standard.

To my mind, Albert (Jacob Caine) was the stand-out performance: a wonderful, young tenor. I hope to hear more from him. He sang with skill, musicianship and assurance.

AH was another top notch VO performance - fine singing and wonderful staging. The whole affair left its up-itself competition ponderously lurching way back down the track.

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